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The Saxons visit the Anglo-Saxons:
The GN11, some vocational students and four teachers in London

To experience all the things we talked about in the English classes, a trip to London is planned every year in form 12.

So we met on Sunday the 7 April 2013 at Schneeberg Warte with our luggage and our long bus ride to London could start at 8 pm.

We reached Calais at 9.15 am, all of us tired, unwashed and in a bad mood. The ferry from Calais to Dover left the harbor at 9.50 am. We arrived at England, because of the time difference, at 10.30 am local time. Then we directly set out for Canterbury.

Some of us attended its famous cathedral and the others used the time for exploring this wonderful city. Unfortunately we had to leave this nice place already at 1.30 pm.
After another bus ride we finally reached London. Now it was time to check in at Safestay, our home for the next days.

Immediately after putting our suitcases in the rooms our teachers Mrs Weiß and Mr Eidner led one group to London Dungeon, while Mrs Scheuring and Mr Husse led the other group to London Tower.

Hungry, because of this first highlight we went to Chinatown.
There we ate something at the famous Chinese all you can eat restaurants. After a very short night we sweetened the morning with croissants, cornflakes and a refreshing coffee.

Then we started our second day of the journey. We visited Madame Tussauds in the forenoon and the afternoon we spent at Hampton Court, the estate of Henry VIII and his six wives. Back in London we passed the time either in the town centre or at the hostel.

On Wednesday the 10 April began our exciting tour to Cambridge. On our way there we passed the Tower Bridge. Once we were in Cambridge we heard some reports of our classmates. Then the guides joined us and took us over the old town and its innumerable Colleges. They tried hard to show us everything, but after two and a half hours of uninterrupted stream of information our brain were crushing.

Now it was time to discover the town on our own. In the evening everybody had the chance to visit the town centre again, to experience the life in a really big city. The next morning we vacated our rooms and put the luggage into the bus. As this had been done, we had our last breakfast in London. There after we started the sightseeing walk.
On our way to St. Paul's Cathedral we crossed the Millennium Bridge. Moreover we saw the Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and much more. After this strenuous march we had much time to explore the city for a last time. Most of us went to Oxford Street, because we had still enough money to spend on souvenirs, clothes, sweets and other things.

At 8pm we had met at the tube station Greenwich North near the famous O2 Arena and started our long way home.

We arrived at Dover 11pm and took the ferry to Calais. From France we went by bus towards Germany. We passed the Saxon border on Friday at 1 pm and reached Schneeberg at 2.45pm.

All of us were tired but happy to be back at home. The trip to London was very cool experience.

We saw many impressive places, got to know another cuture and had a good time.