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Trip to London | English Version

In the UK there is always rain, British persons are eating fish & chips all the time and love their Queen.

With these stereotypes in our mind, we started our trip to London on Sunday the 6th of April 2014 in Schneeberg. We met at the bus stop Warte at 6:30 p.m. and the coach left at 7 p.m. While we were sleeping, reading, listening to music, laughing and so on, we crossed the border from Germany to Belgium and to France. Finally we arrived at French Calais on Monday morning and entered the ferry. One and a half hour we had time to relax, take pictures or buy something.

The first we have seen in Dover, Great Britain, was rain and the white cliffs, stereotype confirmed? During a little stopover in Canterbury we had time to visit the cathedral or to stroll in small British shops. At 15:30 we arrived at our hotel, the Ibis Budget Hounslow, in western London. We recognized the difference to our home, because people from all over the world come together in London.

After we had some complications with the check-in, we could move into our rooms and could get to know the surroundings or go by tube into the city centre. Eating out is not that difficult, because there are fast food chains or restaurants for all tastes everywhere. But we recognized that rather the tourists eat fish & chips than the inhabitants. After all we fell down in our beds very tiredly.

On Tuesday we started our day with simple and sweet breakfast and left for a city tour. We saw a lot of popular sights, for example Marble Arch, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. After that we had time to go shopping and a part of our class visited Madame Tussaud's with its 4D cinema.

Those who were not 18 years old yet, were lucky because they didnüt have to pay so much money for the tube tickets. Along the day we got to know for example Piccadilly and Oxford Circus, China Town and other places. Some people watched the football match PSG vs. Chelsea in a Pub in the evening.

Early in the morning we went to Cambridge on Wednesday, where we had a lot of time including a guided tour in smaller groups. We saw the popular colleges, bought strawberries on the market and listened to the guitar player in front of Kingüs College. Some students punted on the river and enjoyed the good weather, which we had during the trip, except Monday - stereotype not confirmed.

During the return journey, which took about two and a half hours, we had time to relax, before we had spare time in the evening. In talks to native speakers we learned more about their culture, so they really love their Queen. Because we had to board our coach at 9 a.m. at the latest, we had to stand up early and pack our suitcases.

Afterwards we went in smaller groups to different points in the city to do research for our self-chosen topics. Some pupils visited the Museum of London, others went to Globe Theatre, parks or churches.

In the afternoon there was the possibility to visit the Tower of London or the London Dungeon. A quarter to 8 p.m. we met in front of the Houses of Parliament and opposite the London Eye. That was an amazing view. Then we headed in the direction of Folkestone to take the Eurotunnel, the so called Chunnel, to come to Calais again.

During the long journey we slept, more or less, and had some fun. When we crossed the border to Germany, a lot of people were very happy because they could write text messages again. Eventually we arrived in Schneeberg, after a 15-hour bus ride, on the 11 April 2014 at 13:45.

At home we had a lot of things to report. All in all we had a great trip with many good experiences and memories, although it was often exhausting. We enjoyed that our teachers were very nice and well organized.

Even it was a challenge to bring all under one roof, we managed the community very well.